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Insurance Services

Investing for the opportunities.

Insuring the unexpected.

Investments are only one part of the financial puzzle - insurance coverage is another. Covering you, your family and your business from an unexpected tragedy is as vital an element of prudent financial planning as investing for college or retirement.  Nothing can derail the best laid financial plan like an untimely death, disability or prolonged illness.


We believe that the cornerstone of any comprehensive financial plan is a well designed insurance program. Our associates have access to hundreds of reputable insurance carriers through our insurance brokerage arrangements - including some of the largest and most well-known insurance companies.




Perhaps even more valuable than our access to a wide array of carriers is our associates extensive understanding of the financial planning process. Any licensed insurance agent can help you buy insurance, but an experienced, knowledgable CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner understands the proper application of insurance for a given situation. Whether it be Estate Planning, Income Replacement, Buy-Sell Arrangements, Executive Retention, etc. our associates are prepared to help you find a prudent course of action.

Just one more way GCI Financial Group strives to be your first resource for all financial matters.

Life is a series of risks, some of which you must bear on your own.  Others, however, can be mitigated or prevented through proper planning and execution. 

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